Founded in 2013 by Cyntia Kozak in Los Angeles, California, where every piece of this modern-but-timeless jewelry is designed and handmade by female artisans. Cynthia leads her company along her husband Greg, which is actually the reason why she moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the U.S. This is what I call a dream team you guys!

"We put special care into the sourcing of every component that becomes a part of our pieces. We hand pick every gem, pearl, and chain to make sure the quality of our jewelry meets the highest standards. Sustainably and ethically manufacturing our jewelry is an essential part of how we operate our company".

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Wanderlust + Co.

Founded by Jenn Lou in 2010. When Wanderlust + Co was just an idea in her bedroom in Melbourne, Australia, never did she imagine that one day their pieces would travel to jewelry lovers globally. They are now based in Kuala-Lampur, Malasya. They're simply magical!

"Supported by our partners around the world, we are proud to be a female-led, Asia based brand, more committed than ever to the core of our brand story and design process - to make unique yet affordable pieces inspired by intuition and individuality, without sacrificing comfort or quality.

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Five and Two

With love from California. Founded by Briana Seltzer, who’s also behind the jewelry design process. Besides her amazing creativity, she’s also someone to look up to when it comes to leading your own biz. 

"We like to think that we’re dreamers and maybe a little bit hopeless romantic. Our passion for life is mirrored in our handcrafted work. We’re often inspired by the free spirit lifestyle as well as the joy and love that surround us. Ethereal crystals and dainty chains are just a few of our favorite things that remain strong themes in each collection".

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Founded in 2014 by Alejandra Batlle in Barcelona, Spain. Alejandra started making jewelry at 15, and at the age of 22 she launched her brand Aleyolé, which is now recognized in many countries around the world. Pretty damn inspiring, huh?

"We are inspired by a minimalistic approach with a touch of glamour. In line with current trends, we create our own geometric designs and collections which we are forever developing. At ALEYOLÉ we aspire to design small treasures for all women to provide a daily dose of Luxury".

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By Nouck

Founded in 2014 by Anouck Goudsmit, who started by making seashell bracelets for herself in Curacao.  Anouck decided to give up her place in fashion styling to devote more time to her jewelry brand. Now her company is based in The Netherlands. No risk, no magic. Right?

"We combine and mix the most unexpected materials and translate every creation into themes and stories, while always looking for hidden treasures in the meantime. At By Nouck we take you at special journeys to sandy beaches, the universe and into the wild wild west". 

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